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Player: Eric
Contact: [ profile] overbringer
Age: 30
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Character: Marisa Kirisame
Age: never specifically given, but probably around 17
Canon: Touhou Project
Canon Point: Post Hopeless Masquerade

- Touhou Project Wiki
- Marisa's Character Page

Personality: In a land of monsters and gods, Marisa is the closest thing we meet to an ordinary human, hence her title of "Ordinary Magician Marisa". While most of the people she knows gained their powers simply by being born to them, Marisa gained hers by years of carefully documented study and practice. She generally tries to hide this, though. She studies in private, then throws around the results of her efforts like they were no big deal. It takes her great amounts of effort to match the power of her peers, but she puts in an effort to make sure they don't know it.

Magic aside, Marisa can be an enormously irritating person if you don't understand her (She's still irritating if you do understand her, but less so). When Marisa meets someone, she files them directly under "friend who will put up with anything." and they generally stay there unless they go out of their way to piss her off. As such, she thinks little of scheduling parties at other people's houses without telling them, showing up unexpectedly at events she wasn't invited to, and just generally being a nosy busy body. And of course, if you have a library she will be there all the time to "borrow" books, which you will be unlikely to ever see again unless you go to her house to reclaim them. She doesn't really steal much else, but books set off something in her brain that makes her go "GIMME GIMME GIMME." Especially books of magical lore.

Marisa lives in a pocket dimension that has been separated from the world we know for over a hundred years. Gensokyo, as it is called, is a home for that which the modern world has no need for any more. Gods, spirits, monsters, and all manner of magic flourish in Gensokyo after the outside world forgets them. As such, Marisa finds magic totally ordinary. However occasionally an artifact from the outside world finds its way into Gensokyo, and the inhabitants find such items very strange indeed. She was completely unable to make sense of an old computer that made it there, nor could she unravel the secrets of a Gameboy.

She drinks. Kind of a lot. Not because of alcoholism, just because that's the social norm back home. There is no drinking age in Gensokyo, so everyone does casual drinking like it's no big deal. The answer to the question of "What powers Gensokyo?" is "Three square meals a day, and booze!"

Marisa is a huge pack rat. Her house is usually described as a huge mess, filled with piles of random STUFF she's accumulated over the years. When exploring her house, anything from legendary magic swords, to piles of worthless scrap metal, to sentient ICBM missiles can be found. On top of that she also has huge numbers of home made grimoires. She has a sign out front that declares this a Magic Shop, but she rarely gets customers.

She is on bad terms with her family, who own a second-hand item shop in the Human Village of Gensokyo. We know very little about them. Only that she moved away from them relatively recently, most likely because they didn't want her studying magic, and that she has no intention of going back to them, though she still associates with other friends of the family.

Marisa works with (or competes with, depending on how you look at it) Reimu at resolving the youkai attacks (or "Incidents", as they are called), but for different reasons. Marisa has no legacy to uphold. She does not fight monsters because she has an outside obligation to do so. She does it for her own reasons. Specifically: She stands up against powerful Youkai because she's powerful enough to do so, and most humans aren't. She does it because humans are almost always outmatched in terms of magic. Youkai are usually stronger physically, almost impossible to kill, and have a long history of eating or otherwise severely inconveniencing humans, and Marisa knows that if she lets them do what they want, humans might start getting killed. Despite her light hearted attitude, she is very much playing to win.

Marisa's best friends are probably Reimu and Alice. Reimu she views as fellow youkai exterminator, but also a bit as a rival, so there's sometimes a slightly competitive edge to their interactions. Alice, on the other hand, is another magician, so Marisa gets to talk shop with her in a way that she can't with Reimu. She also tends to bring out the rude punk in Alice, so if she can manage to get her to go outside somewhere, they end up egging each other on and causing WAY more chaos than they would on their own.

Beyond them, Marisa is actually more tolerant of youkai than Reimu is. She has no hesitation about hanging out with them, since she doesn't have to uphold the dignity of a shrine, so she is probably more likely to be seen associating with them. Not least of all because it's a good way to keep an eye on them, and because powerful youkai frequently have way cooler stuff than humans can get their hands on. Rinnosuke's weird outside world items, Patchouli's magical library, oni wine, and all kinds of other stuff that tempts her constantly.

Treading into headcanon here, but I think Marisa is also more willing to associate with youkai because she's a magician and it's likely that she herself will become one. Some day down the line, she will do some kind of big spell and replace her frail human body with one powered entirely by magic, and become a being similar to Patchouli. Three hundred years later, Yukari has become even more inactive, and Marisa has taken up the job of "that one annoying but horrifyingly powerful Youkai that annoys the Hakurei Shrine Maiden."

Abilities: Marisa is a skilled magician, and has mastered the following magical skills:
Flight: Marisa can fly with little difficulty. She normally does so riding a broom like the Wicked Witch of the West, but it is generally accepted that she doesn't NEED the broom to fly.
Danmaku: Literally meaning "Curtain fire", danmaku is the most common form of offense in the legendary land of Gensokyo. It involves firing hundreds of small magical "bullets" in intricate patterns. Each one is lacking in force, but if you don't carefully weave through the gaps in the patterns, the damage will stack up pretty quickly. Marisa's style of danmaku is patterned after astronomical phenomena. Mostly stars and comets.
Mini-Hakkero: Not strictly an ability, the mini hakkero is a tiny elemental furnace that powers most of her magic. It is octagonal, fits in one hand, and converts magic into heat or destructive power, allowing it to do anything from light a candle to (theoretically) destroy a mountain. Marisa can't use it to THAT much of its potential, but it is still a powerful tool and probably her most prized possession.
Mushroom Grenades: Marisa collects many varieties of magical mushrooms from the Forest of Magic where she lives. Careful processing lets her create home made magical grenades that can explode in sprays of danmaku or fire lasers when set off.
Various utility spells: Never specifically listed or defined, Marisa none the less occasionally uses magic for mundane purposes. She's pulled unusually large items out of her hat, used the Mini-Hakkero to cook food, sensed the location of fairy lairs, and done other similarly useful tricks.
Spellcards: Marisa has a collection of spells that are a step above the run of the mill spell. While she has dozens, many of them are very similar. Here are the most distinctive spellcards she has:
- Master Spark: Marisa's signature move. It's a giant laser. See also: Kamehameha from DBZ, The Death Star, The IMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER guy, Lina Inverse's Dragon Slave, and other such absurd attacks.
- Orreries Sun: A spell that gives Marisa four orbiting balls of light that spray out Danmaku or magical lasers, dramatically increasing her firepower.
- Stardust Reverie: Marisa sticks the Mini-hakkero to the bristly end of her broom and uses it like a rocket booster, giving her a potent ramming attack.



First Person Sample: Marisa at the Empathias Testdrive.

Third Person Sample: Post of Marisa testing out Master Spark at Save The Earth. Most of it is in prose.


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I'm Eric, and this is my RP journal for Marisa Kirisame from the Touhou Project. If you have any comments about how I'm playing her, good or bad, here is the place to leave them! I can also be contacted on my personal journal: [personal profile] overbringer. All comments are screened. Be as brutal as you wish. I promise I don't bite.
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Heya! This is Marisa's phone, but I'm feeling too lazy to answer right now. Leave your info at the beep, and I'll get back to you later!

Peace out, dawg!

User: Who uses this power
Notes: What is this, in broad strokes.
Reference Level: ★★ (How powerful/complicated/useful this is)

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